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Oh, What a Year It’s Been

Oh, What a Year It’s Been

When any business – big or small – experiences a phase of unprecedented growth, leaders must take a breather and ask some key strategic questions: What do we look like now to the outside world? What do we mean to our current clients or consumers? Are we prepared for the next sharp corner turn? Where can we create new value?

Where We Want to Be

There’s never been a more exciting – and challenging – time for those of us in the IT professional services realm. The factors we confront every day: The acceleration of digital and the knowledge economy, accompanying growth of even-bigger data, burgeoning threats to cyber/data security, the requirement for businesses to operate in ever-more efficient and effective ways to be competitive, the advancement of IT platforms as a whole. All of this creates a need for client organizations to be vigilant stewards of their financial and human resources, diligent protectors of their systems and data, and informed and agile in harnessing the right technologies to drive their businesses.

With the commitment of our seasoned, talented team and the trust bestowed upon us by our clients, we at Chestnut Hill Technologies (CHT) are energized by our rapid scale growth since our 2016 founding (zero baseline to over 65 consultants and staff supporting mid- to large-Enterprise clients in the northeast and southeast, averaging 30% quarter-to-quarter growth). 

We’re proud of the impact we’re making and grateful for the lasting partnerships we’re building.

A New CHT Storefront

We’ve been answering the big questions above for ourselves. Our new website is a reflection of our desire to provide an in-depth look at our greatly expanded scope of services. We want to be clear, focused and useful in helping our clients and prospective clients understand where we can add value in enterprise technology consulting services. Our overall user experience is designed to help you understand who we are, what we stand for, what we do, and how we do it. The navigation is simply structured to save you time. Whether it’s a few minutes at our home page for an overview or more in-depth information, the following areas should help you quickly understand CHT and where we align with your needs:

  • Services – Learn about our primary practices in ERP Integration, IT Security & Privacy and Cloud Data Strategy.
  • Insights – Ongoing thought leadership, industry perspectives, and engagement summaries written by our CHT thought and practice leaders.
  • About – Meet the CHT team and board members. Also learn about career opportunities at CHT.

Throughout the site, you’re never a click or phone call away from contacting us for more information or to engage. You’ll reach us immediately, or you’ll never wait more than one hour to hear back from an expert to speak with.

A Closing Word (or Two) on CHT Hypercare

Within the ERP, CRM and wider enterprise technology community, Hypercare is a commonly used term that refers to the phase of the implementation life cycle which includes pre-go live preparation, immediate post go live support, and finally long-term support.  

For over 20 years we have crafted, designed and deployed our enterprise technology consulting to the Fortune 500 and many fast-growing enterprises. Our own success and client facing methodology is modeled on what we call CHT Hypercare.

CHT Hypercare continues from where many of our competitors’ commitment to client success and long-term outcomes leaves off. Our ongoing client support brings a relentless drive to creating optimal client outcomes in supporting enterprise implementations, platform upgrades and migrations long after a client’s new system or environment is implemented and deployed.  

Our life’s work is passionate focus and attention to our clients’ long-term success and satisfaction. Give us a call today, and I’ll be happy to personally share more about how we “CHT Hypercare.”